Friday, June 10, 2016

Things that go bump in the night....

Since getting home from our inaugural camping trip in Zan's Can I have been a bit busy with sewing commitments in other arenas in my life as well as the very full plate of home and work obligations.

Despite networking to find someone comfortable working with sheep metal to repair the front panel on the Can I have yet to find a willing craftsman. Despite not feeling at all competent to work with a sheet of aluminum it is beginning to look like Mr. Creature Comforts and I will be developing a new skill set!!

In the'd think with teen drivers with learner's permits might have been warning enough for us to move the Can somewhere other than the front of our driveway?? Well lesson learned that often it is the most unlikely of circumstances that come together to create havoc!

So there are four of these pegs bolted to the undercarriage on the Can that support the aluminum poles that brace the pull outs. They are very thick and substantial metal.

Well one of them is not like the others now!!! 

When rubber meets metal it isn't a fair fight....usually. While the tire shows the rip and subsequent loss of air, it is clear that once punctured into the sidewall the support peg was not up to the rotational force of a mini-van being reversed out the MR. CREATURE COMFORTS!!!! The Can is beginning to have too many unplanned and unwanted costs for my liking!