Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Innaugural Camping Weekend!

Well....we did it!!! Zan's Can was hitched up to the car and she rolled like a charm right into our first joint camping experience. There were hiccups. We expected more actually!! The most concerning was the abrupt loss of power to the lights on the can. Something is up between the newly installed hitch's electrical outlet and the Can's plug, but that problem has been handed off to the experts and will NOT be a DIY project!!

Sweet Pea and her BFF, Shutterfly, and myself worked like a very well oiled team and had our little campsite set up and organized within an hour.

The weather FINALLY cooperated and the newly blossomed spring flowers lured us out and on several long hikes.

I know this sight often brings dread to homeowners with landscaping concerns, but for this group of concrete jungle dwellers it was a thrilling moment!

We even braved the swarming mosquitoes to follow a few creeks as they flowed away from us.

I hate to be a tease....but I am excited to give a sneak peek of how the Can's decor is coming along by showing you my little nook of comfort in Mother Nature this past weekend. There is more sewing of curtains and accessorizing to be completed before I can have the full reveal.

I enjoyed teaching my girls how to make "hobo dinners" as I called them in my youth. Despite HUGE skepticism on their parts, one's appetite can change greatly when camping and all were gobbled up in short order. 

I know a truly talented DIY blogger would have documented the scenario of dubious teens assembling their foil packets and the set up process of the campsite but I vowed to use this weekend as a way to show those same teens the joys of being technology free so my phone stayed firmly in my pocket. I promise that trips later this summer will be documented more thoroughly!!

Despite happily abstaining from joining us this weekend to experience the first trip with the Can, Mr. Creature Comforts was a trooper when we got home and dove right in to help us empty out and clean up the camper.

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