Sunday, May 1, 2016

Patiently Impatient

Watching paint dry...literally! Nothing harder for someone with instant gratification issues.

So to avoid going stir crazy cooped up in my craft space on yet another rainy spring-ish day I have pulled out a couple of really, really low priority projects.

Zan's Can has a clear decorating theme [well in my mind anyhow] and so I am customizing some fairy lights for inside and outside mood lighting. The E6000 fumes rarely bother me and I have been known to bling out dance costumes for hours. E6000 plus paint are another story!! Well that and the rainy weather that limits how much I can open the windows to ventilate. So, so jealous of my fellow PUP remodelers who are enjoying a real spring and making huge progress on their projects!!

My closing random thought for the day....

Please tell me that the Bethany company did not actually pay for interior designer advice when those two fabrics were chosen to "co-ordinate" the interior. The upper one was the original curtain fabric [now drop cloths!!] while the lower one was the upholstery fabric used on all the cushions. Do not get me wrong. I happen to LOVE orange and it will be featured in the remodel, and I happen to like busy visual fabrics, but these two just make my skin crawl!!

Back to the craft room now for an afternoon and this time wearing a mask!!

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