Saturday, May 7, 2016

So Much Yet So Little

Spring is finally cooperating by giving a weekend's worth of working on a camper weather! So very much got done in Zan's Can today. Unfortunately it doesn't look like much in pictures.

Mr. Creature Comforts continues to be an interested worker bee. The girls...not so much! So today while I put a second coat of Caicos Turquoise on the kitchen cabinet framework, he got to work on those problem support boards talked about in the post found here. He started by making a cardboard template of the support boards. Then he headed of to his stash of lauan and variety of saws while I kept painting.

The dinette cabinets got two good coats of the same Caicos Turquoise as the kitchen. Note the scrap of foam leftover from the bed project? It saved my knees and bottom from major discomfort today while painting! Began priming the inside of the storage compartments when Mr. CC appeared again with his solution to my support board dilemma.

He had mapped out the bolt head and nut locations and drilled an opening in the lauan leaving a thin and light laminate that he attached to the support board with tacks.

I'd say that tomorrow night you would see this primed and covered in faux subway tile.....but it is Mother's Day. Maybe my Mother's Day gift will be to spend more time in Zan's Can to work?? So not holding my breath on that one!

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