Monday, May 23, 2016

Rub A Dub, Dub....

Once the seams had been reinforced it was time to give the Can a bath. Not just a cosmetic wipe down but a deep down to the bone scrubbing! I used Fantastic 5 in 1 spray cleaner and Dawn dish detergent with a scrub brush and one of the generic miracle sponge on the vinyl.

The dirt that was flowing off the vinyl was so thick I just had to take a picture!! That buttery blond section in the upper center is the actual original vinyl while the grey section on the right in the picture was how dirty it was when I received the Can.

 Every saw horse and ladder in our arsenal was called into duty to hold the canvas up and out so I could do a thorough scrubbing!

 This side was in the shade of a tree and took longer to dry but today was in the high 70's and sunny so the canvas dried quickly!

Once it was dry we raised the roof back up and began to apply the waterproofing. 

 Once again, I do not have any affiliations with any products and list them only as a service to someone embarking on a PUP remodel. I went through 4 cans of the Kiwi brand silicon water repellent on just the back and one bunk!! Off to the store tomorrow to buy a BUNCH more.

Once I started weather proofing I noticed a seam I had missed....and not being able to lower the top because Mr. Creature Comforts was inside working on the heater vent cover....I had to get creative about how I could get my sewing machine up high enough to reinforce that seam!

Tomorrow is theoretically the last warm and sunny day of the coming week so I plan to finish the water proofing and start loading in the cushions and curtains. Hopefully the weather will co-operate so we can take her out over Memorial Day weekend for a "soft opening" or at least get a photo shoot to have the "big reveal".

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