Saturday, May 7, 2016

Working Weekend

Been a couple of days without updates and for that I apologize!! Between weather, work, and parenting teens Zan's Can took low priority. Not no priority just low priority. I did get some projects well underway. Buckle up because I am about to race through the many irons I have in the fire around here!! 

Cabinet doors are painted and in the process of being "decorated"! I am using ModPodge to adhere a panel of fabric on each drawer and door.

Some have gotten the next phase of "decorating" in a painted frame around the fabric panel. One more coat to even out the paint surface and I can move on to the outlining process. I plan to finish them off with a nice coat of clear sealcoat so they can be washed if needed.

Got a can of white appliance spray to paint the heater cover and the stove lid. Removed the two pieces from the Can and, after taping where necessary, got the stove lid done.....but the heater cover has presented a challenge!

Doesn't it look so nice sitting all pretty to get her new color??

Seems she isn't having anything to do with getting all shiny white! Going to sand her down tomorrow and re-wash in TSP to see if that will be enough to get the paint on nice and smooth.

Also got the dinette cushion fabric cut! Will have a more in depth tutorial on that in a future post.

Mr. Creature Comforts also pitched in and worked on the rust of the tow tongue on the Can. Decided to take my sister-in-law's advice and tried using Naval Jelly to reduce the amount of sanding required. When I emerged from my day's work on the inside, I found this waiting for me....

Now all I need to do is figure out what I should do about the Can's boo-boo on her front panel!
Meanwhile I was inside...

Taping and priming the kitchen cabinet frame. Took longer than budgeted because I decided to use the primer/sealer on every piece of wood I came across in order to extend the Can's life time well past my tenure with the camper! 

After the first coat, this is a sneak peak at the color chosen to set off my decorated doors and drawer.

So lots and lots of projects in progress all at once!! Here's hoping the rain forecast for tomorrow takes a different trajectory so I can start ticking of some things from my to-do list!

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