Sunday, May 1, 2016

Spring Fever!

Yet another day in which Mother Nature decided to throw down rain and cold. Truly trying my patience to get back into Zan's Can and start adding COLOR! But do not worry readers, I have been plugging away inside my craft room. Since every surface is currently covered with doors and drawers in various stages of painting, there was no room to layout my fabrics to cut for the cushions and curtains. I kept busy between coats of paint working on curtain preparations.

While running through Walmart one day I scoped out a clearance end cap and discovered these room darkening curtain panels. In an effort to keep costs down I was going to use some inexpensive fabric I had found for the curtains. The fabric was very light weight though so I am now heeding the advise of found on other  PUP  remodel sites to use these blackout panels to line the decorative fabric!
To that end I spent more hours than I care to count picking out stitching on the old curtains to harvest the hanging tabs.

The Bethany seamstresses were determined that these curtains would never pull away from the tabs that hold the curtains in the C track! TRIPLE stitched they were to the original curtain!! But since they were in great shape and being desirous to avoid reinventing the wheel on hanging curtains in PUPs I removed every single one of those tabs!

The mechanics of how the tabs work can be seen from this angle. That round end has a hard plastic rod sewn into it that you feed into the open end of the C track built into the roof of the camper. The curtains hang from those tabs fed into the track. All the old curtains are currently folded into one of the black out panels awaiting the time when my cutting table is free of the doors and drawer!!

Two random thoughts to close.....

I found this label inside one of the cabinet doors. Wasn't going to peel off no matter what I tried! So I took a picture and plan to print off a couple of copies. One to go on the back of the door again and one to give to my nephew, the electrician who is helping me make the Can safe!

Secondly, I am going to have to wrap my brain around the idea that I must include the costs of manicures and chip repairs to the final total spent on the remodel! That and the price of the lotions I need to save the dry, cracked hands of mine. Shout out here to my friend's Butter Duck Farms natural lotions and salves that restore my skin after a day's work on the Can!

Since I am chomping at the bit to get back into the Can I have also been using the time checking out other PUP remodels. Quite jealous of those who live in parts of the country where the weather has been warm and sunny for a while now which allows them to crank out their remodels but in awe of their work! If you are impatient to see my reveal why don't you pop over to this blog where she features a ton of remodels on pop up campers that will keep you busy while I am waiting for Spring to actually decide to arrive for good!

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