Thursday, May 19, 2016

Oh The Weather Outside... FINALLY delightful!!! Had two good days in a row and we made the most of it by working on Zan's Can. The interior is really coming together and it is down to tweaks and touch ups. That supporting end board with the protruding bolts and nuts....remember?

Well after Mr. Creature Comforts fitted them each with a lauan facing I had a nice smooth surface to place the Smart Tile subway tiles I have come to adore.

No I am not in any way affiliated with the company and yes I mean adore!! They cut easily with scissors making mounting a breeze and can be washed reducing any concerns about putting them in a camper where dirt is going to be a given.

See how pretty it looks and this was before we placed the molding?!?! I'd show other angles except Mr. Creature Comfort has also been busy adding the new hinges and pulls to the drawer and doors and mounting them and I want to save those views for the "big reveal",

Since the interior is nearly complete and we have a forecast absent of any rain for the weekend I decided it was time to get serious about the exterior.

What, you may ask, did my neighbors see most of today??

Me and my sewing machine working our way around the camper!!! Since I want to do a thorough washing, mildew treatment, and re-weatherproofing of the Can's canvas I decided that I wanted to do the seam repairs before the last of the original thread dissolved during that process.

No need to have a special sewing machine for this task. Just a sturdy and well trusted basic Singer is what I used on the canvas. Now you do need to use the appropriate needles and thread though!

You will need a larger gauge needle like these size 16 jean/denim needles I used. I am expecting if you are contemplating your own canvas repairs that you have a certain level of competency in sewing. It isn't particularly complicated as it is mostly straight line stitching but a working knowledge of your machine is a must!

Once you put in the larger gauge needle and thread the upholstery weight thread you need to take the time to adjust your tension. I did a couple of practice runs using scraps of the cushion fabric to make sure I had my machine settings where they needed to be to work on canvas.

Not only did I sew the pinned and duct taped seam failures shown in the introductory tour post but I decided to reinforce every seam I could reach with the machine!! Figure I might be saving myself a repeat day of sewing dry rotted thread failures by proactively stitching over the seams that were still intact. Later in the day we did lower the top down so I could reach up as high as on the vinyl bunk roofs and corner zippers as possible thus reducing the amount of hand sewing....but I was so busy sewing I forgot to get a picture, sorry!! I still have more seams to do tomorrow so hopefully I will snap a picture so you can see how it looks with the machine and canvas in the lowered position.

Loss of daylight and the rising of the moon ended today's adventure!! Here's to the same enthusiasm tomorrow. Sleep well tonight! I surely will!!!

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