Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Little This, A Little That

Today was a perfect weather day to get back to work on Zan's Can and boy did we! It was just one of those days when the bulk of our time was spent on prep work that doesn't look showy. It was just Mr. Creature Comforts and I today as Sweet Pea was sleeping off Prom and Shutterfly was sleeping off a "sleepless over".

First up was the bumper. When last we saw that rear bumper it had been given a thorough cleaning to remove the rust and was about to be painted with a glossy black Rustoleum. Then work, Prom and bad weather caused us to close the Can up until the next day like today arrived. Rust removed bumper and spring bad weather....yep you guessed it!!

So out came the sanding brick and wire brush and the newest crop of rust was removed!!

I then went over the bumper with a dry cloth followed by a rub down with rubbing alcohol to remove the dry, powdery rust residue. Once the alcohol evaporated we were set to paint.

P.S.> Lesson learned last time and today I wore gloves to protect the manicure !!

Just a simple coat of paint can make a tired old lady look much better!! Next up will be the front tongue but first I'm off to find naval jelly which has been recommended to me for more thorough rust removal with less elbow grease required.

 Both of the bunks are now ready for covers and bedding now that I've added 1.5 inch memory foam mattress toppers. I am all about comfort and would have gone with an even deeper memory foam topper except for two limiting factors. I would be lying if I didn't say that cost was the primary factor! Four inch memory foam mattresses were just too pricey for my non-existent budget. For those who are reading and thinking that they are willing to spend that money it is time to mention the second factor, space! Before you add too much depth you need to test your pop up to see how thick the mattresses can be and still allow the roof to lock down . While others use crush-able items, like empty tissue boxes, set on the bed as the lid is lowered to measure how much space you have I was able to see I had almost no room. That and no money meant that this KMart sale topper was my choice!

$30 each for a total of $60 seems like quite the splurge but my old bones dictated that I do the most I could to ensure my sleeping spot was as comfortable as I could make them!.

All of the cabinet doors and drawer were labeled and removed and will be painted inside in my sewing/craft room. The bracing bar in the icebox opening was removed and the floors scrubbed again. The heater cover will be coming off as well as the paint plan includes an 
update for that as well.

Then there is no photographic documentation of the visit by my Electrician Nephew to asses Zan's current state of wiring. Seems it is highly outdated and very unsafe!! Here is where I tell a reader trying to keep costs down, if you have a friend/relative who is in the trades try and work out a barter!! In return for my designing a full back tattoo He will bring the Can up to date and safe!

Hoping the rain forecast for tomorrow is wrong....I started the next inside project and wasn't able to get very far....

...but I am already EXCITED about the clean and fresh look it promises to give the Can!!

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