Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Trending now...#PUPhousewarmingparty

Found an on-line camping supplier this evening. I'd rather not admit just how long the site held me captive. But as I paged through all 75 pages of 100 items per page I decided to put the items I felt I really, really could not live without into the "shopping cart" to see how much money we are looking at to kit the Can out.

 The 20 foot telescoping flag pole did NOT find its way into my cart but did serve as comic relief around tonight's dinner table.
Despite Sweet Pea's impassioned pitch on the absolute necessity of a folding pet bed, it also did not make it into the shopping cart!! But $250 worth of items did, which does give pause to the hard cash needed to satisfy this camping bug that has bit.

Got the insanely ingenious idea that once the Can is nearing completion that I need to have a house warming party, right??? Just send out a "registry" of all my must haves and wait for the gifts to come rolling in...that's the ticket!!! ......sigh....worth floating the idea, no?....gauche, I know...not going to happen but a girl can dream, right? Just a well placed Tweet with #PUPhousewarmingparty...get it never know?!?!

Mr. Creature Comforts finished painting the bunk while I was at work. Adding the foam travertine padding and black nylon lift straps first thing in the morning and then I can check off another "to do" item from the long, long list. Did I mention yet that Shutterfly is campaigning HARD for a Memorial Day camping trip?

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