Saturday, April 16, 2016

So It Begins

Long, long day out working on my girl. Yes we are bonding and I'm fairly sure we will become soul sisters. Plan was to photograph her in detail. Check. Start clearing out anything I didn't want or was damaged. Check. Give a good scrub down. Not so much.

Anyone of a certain age who is also a homeowner has experienced the oft quoted adage of take your time frame and multiply it by three when undertaking any remodeling. I am of that age. I have remodeled my home. I know not to expect to meet projected time frames. Therefore I am not at all disappointed by today's progress! Quite the contrary. I now have photo documentation sufficient to cover many, many blog posts. The challenge will be pacing my posts so there are no huge dry spells for my readers. I expect to fail that challenge eventually because I live in the moment, am impulsive, and have serious instant gratification issues!! Let's give it a go though.

Today's post will basically be a tour of Zan's Can. I will try very hard to stick to the topic, I promise! However, I suspect there may be more than one post per day for the next couple of days!!

Here is a very non-architecturally exact rendering of the Can's floor plan:

She is 10 feet long and 5.5 feet wide closed up. The layout is not like the modern PUPs in that the beds pull out from the sides rather than the ends.

 The 'kitchen' runs across the front end and the entrance door is on the "passenger side". This lady was made in 1976. There is no bathing facility nor a commode and her 'refrigerator' was only a glorified cooler on its side.

 The heater is under the sink and guess where the air conditioner is?? 1976 folks. Nada unless you consider Mother Nature's air conditioning [aka Breezes].

The stove is above a couple of storage cubbies and the "refrigerator" is under the lone kitchen drawer. Here are better views of the sink and stove:

The beds are both the same size. As a matter of fact the whole back of the camper is a mirror image in symmetry. Here are shots of a bed and a storage compartment at the forward base of the bed:

There is a table that drops down and forms a third bed if needed. The benches for the table have hinged lids to allow access to two more storage compartments. I am inspired by the orange of the table and counter and fair warning to orange hating readers, it will remain in the remodel!! Might need to re-laminate or do some other treatment because this orange is in rough shape but the orange will figure prominently in the final decor choices.

The floor is filthy but in good shape. I am not in love with this so very 70's harvest gold linoleum but it might have to stay until I get more necessary repairs and redecorating done. Sigh.

So a few things did change today. Nothing major in the least but enough to have caused the cleaning and scrubbing to wait for another day! Like tomorrow, maybe? We have a forecast for a warm and sunny weekend and I very much hope I can take a layer or two of grime off!

I'll close tonight with one slight off-topic observation....

Mr. Creature Comforts has taken to hanging out with me in the Can. More so he has rolled up his sleeves and jumped in to help!! Then this happened:

Mr. CC decided that his long time friend would likely be interested as well and before I knew it The Leprechaun appeared! Even better he and Mr. CC finished the very first significant repair on the very first day!!

Then do you recall in my introductions how I said Sweet Pea had precious little interest in camping?

Guess who stepped off the school bus, dropped her backpack and jumped in to give the beds their pea test??? The table was deemed so very unacceptable due to the multiple cushions [note the brown and orange floral covers are gone? They were really not all that hideous and in amazingly great condition!! They may have to go back on after laundering until I get my fabric chosen and ordered.] and deficit in length to accommodate her 5'3" body.

Despite being identical to its twin, the driver's side bed was deemed acceptable on the sole assessment  that it had room for her AND her dog....her very spoiled and undisciplined 75 pound Golden Retriever!! I'm not feeling any warm fuzzies for that plan.....

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  1. Fabulous beginning. Keep it up ... Looking forward to following your travels through this remodel. Hoping to have our 'new to us' camper parked in our driveway by the end of this week! Soon enough, we'll all be HAPPY CAMPERS!