Monday, April 18, 2016

Sneak Peek

If there was a time stamp on this [which there very well may be but I am seriously tech challenged and don't know if there is or not!!] the reader would see that despite 3 straight days of working on Zan's Can, older women tend to have sleep issues!! So what do I do into the wee hours of the morning instead of sleep? Math!! Bet that wasn't your first guess?!?! But it is a very complicated series of equations to see just how much of my final fabric selections for the cushions and curtains I can afford that fills the sleepless moments this morning. Even though the Can was free-ish, I NEED to keep this remodel on a starvation budget. If there is to be money to take her out on the road I must penny pinch as tightly as I can!! I thought my biggest splurge could be the thing I love the most, buying fabric, until today's trip to the local HD. Found a fantastic and light weight solution to the rippling when wet wood colored laminate problem...that costs quite a bit more than a can of paint. But that's another story for another day. Today it is fabric and color palette commitment day!
 Drum roll please.......

Mr. CC could also have been called Nothing But Neutral. Our home must be bland, boring, neutral or he cannot function. So in another "compromise" in my adult life this color loving Mama only found visual stimulation in the fabrics in her sewing room. The Can is mine....all MINE and anyone who cannot take bright and colorful and orange is just out of luck. So I go off now at 3:30am local time to hit "Buy Now" on my shopping cart containing the above fabrics and I am a happy camper to be!

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