Monday, April 25, 2016

We Interupt This Broadcast.....

Had a couple of free hours this afternoon. The sun was out and it was 80 degrees so I decided to work in the in inside the Can!

Decided after a near fail with the faux subway tile that I'd give priming a try.  Taping was not quite as time consuming as I anticipated so I dove right in to putting brush to laminate!

First coat went on very streaky with the cutting in brush I was using so I busted out the roller and was just beginning to get excited at how well that was working when Mr. Creature Comforts came bolting out of the house shouting something about getting the camper "button upped" in a hurry because one of those sudden spring thunderstorms was racing our way!!

Now mind you, when I started there was nary a cloud in the sky and the forecast was for showers during the night. I thought I had plenty of time. Mother Nature insists on playing with me!!

Since the paint was still wet there was no "closing up" the Can let alone closing her up in a hurry.

Take that Mother Nature!!! The Mother of Invention turned her propane tank into a tarp weight and some rope the previous owner left in the Can tied the tarp along the bottom. Happy to report that the Can was dry and safe....because the storm decided to take a hard turn to the North!?!? Before nightfall the paint was dry and the Can was closed up until the next dry day when there are some free hours in my schedule. That day cannot come soon enough because I am soooo ready to finish the subway tile and add more color!

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